Tips on How to Determine the Right CBD Dose?

  • Estimate Depending On Your Weight

Similar to the amount of food you eat, the right dose of pharmaceutical medicines also depends on your weight. If you are a heavy person, basically, your body needs a higher dose in order to attain the anticipated results. Lean persons, on the other hand, will definitely need lower applications. For instance, 20MG to 33MG might be a good start for a 200-pound individual 

  • Start Small and then Gradually Increase

Rather than going in a full control, consider beginning with a small dose and gradually increase while monitoring the reaction of your body until you determine the right dose which works for your condition.

Ok, so you have your full plant CBD extract, now what? Firstly, ensure you take the same CBD product each day. This is because different products will contain differing amounts of cannabinoids and have different levels of potency, so being consistent will provide you with the best results. Then, the most important thing to reminder for finding your effective dose is this mantra: start low and go slow. 
Day 1 – As we have established, CBD can affect everyone differently so it’s vital to find out how you personally will react to it. Start by taking a small 5mg drop of CBD oil as directed and see what happens. If you suffer no adverse effects, then you’re ready for the next step.
First 3-4 Weeks – Try two 5mg drops per day. Space them out so you’re taking one in the morning and one in the evening. Keep this up for 3-4 weeks and see how you feel. If you’re still not getting your desired effect. Increase to 3 drops a day for a few weeks and re-evaluate.
If you’re still not feeling anything you can keep increasing the dose by small amounts every few weeks until you start to feel the benefit. The great news is that there is no known lethal dose of CBD and in fact, the human body can ingest incredible amounts of it, upwards of 2000mg a day, without producing any toxic effects. This means you do not need to worry about poisoning yourself by taking too much.


Keep in mind that the right CBD dose will differ from one person to another. Apart from that it will also depend on an individual’s treatment goals.